Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 19- Quickie: Goal Met!

It's day 19 and I've met my weight goal of 148lbs! This means I've lost 20 pounds since beginning the fast, and I am so pumped up! This isn't a true "after" pic, but I figured I'd share it anyhow.

We went to the movies last night and I wore my "skinny jeans". They're actual skinny jeans, but also the smallest size I have in my closet. I've never really fit into them well- they happened to be that pair of True Religions I found at Marshall's for $30 and couldn't live without. I've squeezed into them uncomfortably every time I've worn them. Well, not last night!

I promise a longer post tomorrow- going to get in a light workout now and off to a day of BJJ competitions to support the team. 48 hours from now I'll be eating- crazy. I kind of feel like I want to keep going, I think I COULD keep going, but I've got 2 more fasts on the calendar between now and our wedding in 90 days!

Next weight goal is a tiny one- want to get down to 145 and stabilize while eating