Friday, July 1, 2011

The Church of Tiny Donuts

This isn't really a full blog post, but something arrived that I am SO excited about and I feel the need to share it! MY TINY DONUT MAKER HAS ARRIVED! I believe it was the lovely Carrie Hanson who introduced Rachelle Loyear-Williams to the magic maker of tiny donuts, and so began a new religion. And THIS is a religion I can get behind! Gaze upon the beauty and splendor of my newly arrived tiny donut maker:

I've seen some pretty killer concoctions on The Church of Tiny Donuts facebook page. Reverend Rachelle has created some yummy masterpieces. The sweet include: cinnamon rolls, brownie batter, apple cinnamon, chocolatey chocolate chip, and strawberry with cream cheese filling. The savory includes garlic Parmesan, and some fall in between the two categories, like raisin bran and maple bacon.

I am definitely anxious to start playing around and producing some delicious donuts. Bonus points for the tiny treats being baked, not fried, to help conserve on the calories. I'm sure I could make these decadently unhealthy (and I'm sure sometimes I will!), but I'll make it a mission to create some donuts that are big on flavor and small on calories and fat. I welcome advice from those who have been members of the church longer than I, and definitely welcome ideas and suggestions for recipes to try! I look forward to being able to post many tiny donut blogs in the future!

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