Monday, May 7, 2012

Days 5-7

Day 5- Definitely feeling down from the car accident and the fact that I'm going to be saddled with a car payment if I want a halfway decent car. This has resulted in a day full of complete lethargy and laziness and not much appetite.

For breakfast I made a citrus blend. The instructions for my Breville juicer say you can put whole citrus fruits in the shoot (assuming they're big enough to fit in). This is true. It does a great job of juicing fruits even with the skins on. However, like I feared, it gives the juice a nasty bitter bite because of all of the pith (white part between the skin & flesh) that ends up in the juicer too. In the future, when juicing large quantities of citrus juice, I'll be cutting the skin and pith away before I send the flesh down the chute!

Had it not been for the bitterness, I think this would have been a great blend. I used a whole (huge) grapefruit, an orange, a lemon, a lime, and an apple for a bit of sweetness. It made a HUGE glass of juice. More like 1.5 huge glasses of juice. I stirred some honey in which helped brighten it up and improved the flavor, but the pith damage was done. My last 1/2 cup I cut with some coconut water which further improved the taste, but honestly this was not an enjoyable juice experience. Which made me even more bummed.

Later in the afternoon I was short on time and had to get to work and still wasn't in the mood for actual food, so I played clean out the fridge and just grabbed whatever veggies I could put my hands on. I wasn't concerned with the fact that it wouldn't be a tasty juice. I just knew I needed the fuel inside me in short order.  It wasn't the tastiest juice, but it did its job.

That night I ate a DELICIOUS sweet potato for dinner! Baked in the crock pot for a few hours, and topped with sliced grapes, goat cheese, and honey. Will definitely be trying that one again.!

At the start of day 5 my weight was 165.8

Day 6- Strawberry Festival! Easily one of my top 3 favorite things about living in Fort Mill. It's not so much that I love strawberries, because I do. But I really love any type of festival/fair, and this one brings out a good number of really talented local vendors selling jewelry, soaps, wood carvings, etc. I love shopping around. Usually one of my favorite parts would be the food- turkey legs, funnel cake, strawberry shortcakes, strawberry beer.... basically everything is fried, like good festival food should be. I surprised myself by really not having any moments of intense desire for fried brownies or turkey legs. I ended up enjoying some locally made strawberry wine and a roasted corn on the cob. Kinda cheated by putting Frank's Red Hot on my corn, and the corn wasn't local and it wasn't organic so it was probably evil Monsanto GMO corn, but hey. It was a more solid nutritional choice than anything from Juan Taco's. I also cheated a bit and ate two "strawberry poppers": basically a fresh strawberry filled with a bit of buttercream icing. SO GOOD and every bit as satisfying as a full blown strawberry shortcake, but without the cake! This was definitely an 80/20 day, the most "cheating" I've done so far. That consisted of McAllister's Deli putting cheese on my veggie baked potato, and eating blue cheese on my salad. Although while watching the fights with friends that night, while everyone chowed down on some white pizza, I was thoroughly satisfied with my super healthy organic green & veggie salad, and was actually happier to be eating that than pizza. So weird.

Day 7- Due to my planning ahead for 2 days worth of menus in the middle of the week and over-buying everything veggie related, I still haven't had to shop for groceries, and everything has either been leftovers or fresh salads, smoothies & juices. Started the day with a green juice + pineapple, and some grapes. Lunch was cucumber, celery and ginger juice. We had engagement pictures (20 months later....) and I figured as long as I wasn't hungry I would stick to juice so I looked nice and thin for the photos :) I weighed myself and for the first time in a very long time the scale made me smile. Down 5.5 pounds since last Monday to 163.3! After the photos we had dinner at our new favorite sushi place, Akahana. I didn't fully stay within my guidelines, but I promise it wasn't for lack of trying. They couldn't do sushi rolls with brown rice so I had a hand roll with brown rice and a summer roll. I ended up getting green curry with veggies & shrimp over buckwheat Udon noodles. If I hadn't felt so rushed and had my first 2 options shot down by the kitchen being out of ingredients, I would have used my head a little more and had it over brown rice. We went to see the Avengers afterwards and I didn't crave the popcorn, candy, or icee's.

Sorry this was kind of a boring blog... no exciting recipes or food photos. It's been a little crazy and hectic since the car accident, and I'm just happy I didn't use that event as an excuse to dive into a plate of chicken wings or bowl of ice cream.

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