Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Unintentional Fasting

In my blog earlier today I mentioned that the wagon's wheels were wobbling and starting to shake and I felt like I was losing control of my discipline a bit. I also mentioned that I was contemplating skipping to the juice fast to get myself on track and hopefully spur some more weight loss, since things have stagnated a bit already.

It is important to mention that I haven't had the ability to exercise in over a week & a half, outside of 2 practices & general activity in my yoga teacher training this weekend, due to my back feeling intensely uncomfortable from the accident. I was hoping to be running and practicing yoga regularly right now, but life happens.

This morning I had a smoothie for breakfast- frozen banana, frozen berries, 1/2 avocado, and some coconut water & chia seeds. Around lunch time I wrote the previous blog post and ruminated on the juice fast. I got home and decided, what the hell, I'll drink a juice for lunch. And dinner. And see where that gets me.

I made a pretty yum veggie juice with tomatoes, celery, kale, cukes, lemon, radish, etc. Kind of a "clean out the fridge" juice. I made enough for a tall glass right then, and put the rest in a 1 quart mason jar to bring to work with me in the evening. By the end of the night I was definitely feeling some hunger pains and thinking about food, but nothing so intense another juice when I got home couldn't handle it.

My goal right now is to go 5 days on only juice, and see how I feel come Sunday. I expect the next 2 days to be a challenge, between the hunger and the lethargy that I hear is standard on a fast. I also expect Saturday to be full of temptation as I help my best friend Beth celebrate her thirty-something birthday at the US National White Water Center. Hopefully I will be riding the wave of 4 successful fasting days and know that all I need is to get through the day to make it 5. I hope bringing Beth my old juicer as a birthday "re-gift" will encourage me to stay on the wagon.

In preparation for the next 5 days I sorted through the juice recipes on the Reboot site and picked 6 that looked good to me and shared some ingredients, and utilized some of what I have left on hand to get rid of. Strawberry season is nearing its end in Ft. Mill with the heavy rains we've had over the past few days so I bought a gallon of berries, and an awesome mom of one of our kid students brought me a quart as a thank you, so I'm overflowing with berries! (Hope to make some freezer jam, blog incoming). I also caught the very first of the Ft. Mill peaches this season which are a yellow fleshed clingstone peach. They felt pretty hard still but I couldn't resist buying 1/4 peck. I REALLY look forward to a summer full of crazy good peaches- Springs Farm grows some ridiculous number of varieties and pick them fresh daily to sell at the Peach Stand which is only 1/2 mile from my house.

The recipes I decided on to start the first few days of my fast are: Apple, Beet & Carrot JuiceCarrot, Apple, Ginger JuiceGreat Green Fruity Juice, Gazpacho JuiceGreen Lemonade, and Peachy Green Juice.

I wrote down the ingredients and quantities and have a big ol' shopping list to take with me tomorrow to EarthFare. This is what it looks like, and should make about 14 juices (3 of some, 2 of others)

35 cups of kale
9 red apples
2 pears
8 tomatoes
4 cucumbers
16 stalks of celery (I'm guessing 2 bunches)
2 bell peppers
2 bunches of parsley
2 limes
4 lemons
6 cups of spinach
3 green apples
6 zucchinis
12 peaches
12 carrots
4 beets
1 quart strawberries

Once I get to EarthFare tomorrow and check out I'll share the cost of this. I'm anticipating that with diluting some of the juices I can get through close to 4 days on this shopping list. We'll see how it goes. I'll definitely check in over this week to let you know how things are moving along!

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